Lights4Lake Supporter Story – Lloyd Family

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Megan and Andrew Lloyd sponsored Light 83 for their daughter Lucy.

Megan was working for Committee4Wagga when the Lights4Lake project was first suggested by Emerging Leader participant Elodie Vanoudendycke.

“Elodie came from overseas, and I suppose she had an outsider’s perspective on something we all took for granted,” Megan said.

“When Elodie asked why there wasn’t lighting around the Lake to extend its use, immediately we saw how that made perfect sense. To me it just seemed a no-brainer.

“I knew that if my family could put a plaque on a light I would sponsor one as a gift to the community and I thought other people would be interested in that, too.”

Megan said the Lights4Lake project means a lot to her and husband Andrew as she was working on the initiative when she unexpectedly fell pregnant with daughter Lucy.

“She’s very special to us because we didn’t think we could have children. She’s our little miracle baby and I was working on that project when I fell pregnant so it all sort of ties in. She’s just turned four so it’s really nice that her light is going up now.

“I’m looking forward to taking her down there and saying, ‘Darling, this is your light. Mummy and Daddy put this here for the community in your name’.

“When you’re involved in your community it gives you more of a sense of belonging – not just a spectator in, but an actual active member. I’m hoping that having the light there with her name on it means she’ll grow up with the same ethic.”

Megan hopes the Lights4Lake project will encourage the community to use the Lake more.

“I’m hoping it will encourage different types of activities, too, like twilight markets or busking.

“I think that Wagga has a lot to offer and that when the community gets involved, you get great outcomes.”

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