Past Projects

Riverina Motor Complex

The proposed Riverina Motor Complex is a major outdoor recreation facility incorporating a motor sports complex and an advanced driver training centre. The facility will offer the most technologically advanced circuit design and use environmentally sustainable operation/management practices. The project was approved for development in 2015 however the project is unlikely to proceed as the conditions placed on the approval are cost prohibitive. In addition, the approval does not allow for the introduction of driver training facilities, one of the proposals most beneficial components.

Motor Cycling Australia, CAMS and the NRMA have endorsed the project and are excited at the prospect of a new regional facility to complement the existing established circuits currently experiencing high levels of support and patronage.

Key Stakeholders:  Recommendation:

Wagga Wagga City Council  Encourage Council to provide planning and regulatory support
NSW Government  where possible and explore partnership funding opportunities
Private sector  between government and proponents to ensure the project can
Committee 4 Wagga  be developed.

Australian Clay Target Association Headquarters

Update at July 2019

The Australian Clay Target Association’s new function centre – The Range – was officially opened at the ACTA’s National Grounds in Wagga Wagga by Wes Fang, MLC in October 2018.

Australia’s clay target shooters now officially have a headquarters the envy of their peers around the world.

The state of the art facility was made possible through a State Government grant.

The Range can cater for 1200 people, through to smaller events and individual room hire. The conference centre includes a cafe, car parking and a verandah over the southside of the building which overlooks the shooting traps. The centre had its first major test in March 2019 when it hosted the National Trap Championships.


A multi-purpose facility accommodating the Australian Clay Target Association’s administration, club and function centre is proposed for development in East Wagga Wagga. The $7M facility will be capable of hosting up to 1,200 people and provides a suitable space for both ACTA and other user groups to host events including large conferences and functions.

The facility will further cement the ACTA headquarters in Wagga Wagga and boost the association’s ability to successfully attract events of national significance to the city.

Key Stakeholders:  Recommendation:

Australian Clay Target Association  Offer support to the project and encourage ACTA
NSW Government  to continue lobbying for significant events to be
Committee 4 Wagga  hosted at the facility.

Wagga Live 

In 2013 Committee 4 Wagga recognised the community desire for a New Year’s Eve event and with financial support from local business sponsors and the Wagga Wagga City Council hosted the first Wagga Live. The inaugural event exceeded expectations, attracting over 10,000 people and the event has since been held annually. The most recent crowd in 2016 surpassed 13,000 people, the largest annual event held in the city. 

Wagga Live aims to bring the community together and enjoy what is great about living in Wagga Wagga. The event utilises some of the city’s greatest assets, with the Victory Memorial Gardens and Lagoon precinct forming the event grounds. Music and entertainment throughout the evening culminates in firework displays at 9pm and midnight to officially bring in the New Year. 

Wagga Live has become an iconic local event and C4Wagga is very proud of what has been achieved and will transition the event management responsibilities to either Wagga Wagga City Council or another entity for the 2017 event and beyond. C4Wagga is hopeful the event will continue with a new host and go from strength to strength providing an outstanding event for our community. 

Led by C4Wagga in partnership with: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 
Event sponsors 
Wagga entertainers/musicians 

CCTV 4 Wagga 

Committee 4 Wagga partnered with the community, Wagga Wagga City Council and the State and Federal Governments to fund and install a CCTV camera system within the Wagga Wagga central business area in 2015. The initiative has improved the city’s liveability and portrays a strong message of safety to visitors and the community. 

C4Wagga committed to partnering with the community to raise $100,000 required to deliver the project following funding commitments from Wagga Wagga City Council of $300,000, the NSW Government of $100,000 and the Federal Government of $590,000. Working collaboratively with the community, local businesses and key stakeholders, C4Waggawas able to successfully achieve the $1M funding target and make the project a reality. 

The 25 camera system has helped to reduce crime, violence, anti-social behaviour and damage to property in the central business area by enabling Police to respond and resolve issues more effectively. 

Led by C4Wagga in partnership with: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 
NSW Government 
NSW Police 
Federal Government

Lights 4 Lake 

The Lights 4 Lake project involved the installation of 104 solar powered lights around the Lake Albert foreshore to activate the space outside of daylight hours and promote a healthy lifestyle within the community. 

The concept was initiated by Elodie Vanoudendycke, a participant in Committee 4 Wagga’s Emerging Leaders program and brought to reality through partnerships between C4Wagga, Wagga Wagga City Council, the NSW Government and most importantly the local community. Following seed funding commitments from the Wagga Wagga City Council and the NSW Government, C4W led a community appeal to raise the remaining $250,000 required to deliver the project. Each of the 104 solar lights was offered for sponsorship to local community members, business owners, or community groups who are now recognised with a plaque on their corresponding light pole. 

The Lights 4 Lake project delivers social, environmental and recreational benefits to our city through increasing the accessibility and safety of the pathway while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle at the popular community space. The project would not have been possible without the significant generosity of the community and every contributor has worked together to create a positive, lasting legacy for the city. 

Led by C4Wagga in partnership with: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 
NSW Government 

Share the Road 

Committee 4 Wagga is supportive of increasing active transport within the city and in 2012 initiated the Share the Road campaign to improve safety and awareness for cyclists in and around the city. The campaign was funded through community fundraising and facilitated by C4Wagga in partnership with Wagga Wagga City Council, Wagga Cycling Groups, WIN TV, The Daily Advertiser, Local businesses and community members. 

The campaign raised $35,000 in total through donations from local businesses, groups and individuals, with the majority of the funding used to install 45 “Share the Road” signs on popular regional cycling routes in and around Wagga Wagga. In addition to the signage a voluntary code of conduct for cyclists was established to promote better awareness and integration between cyclists and other road users. 

Led by C4Wagga in partnership with: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 
Wagga Cycling Groups 
Win TV 
The Daily Advertiser