Lights4Lake Supporter Story – Donebus family

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Siblings Daniel, Manuel and Sandra have proudly continued the Donebus family tradition of giving to the community by sponsoring light 48 in the Lights4Lake project.

Parents Carlo and Franca Donebus were well-known for their contributions to the Wagga community and the trio sponsored the light in the name of the family company, Damasa Pty Ltd. 

“We made our donation in the name of our business, which Mum and Dad started back in 1973,” Daniel explains.

“Damasa comes from the first two letters of each of our names, and it was the start of our parents building things for themselves and for the community.

“We are keen to be involved and to make a contribution to Wagga. We’re in a business that doesn’t normally benefit from public exposure so the things that we do that are of a sponsorship nature are not about exposure, they’re about our long-term view of being part of the Wagga community, a view that started with our parents a long time ago.

“When there’s an opportunity to make a contribution we take it seriously because this is home. This is a place we hope to be part of building.

“The Lake is already a wonderful facility and obviously the lighting extends its use. It’s a lovely place to showcase Wagga and adding the lights just introduces a new aspect to it.”

NewsCristy Houghton