Lights4Lake Supporter Story – Ken Bedggood


Sara Schneider, Amanda Olsen and their siblings Matthew Nixon and Tamara Edmunds sponsored Light 98 in memory of their grandfather Ken Bedggood.

Both Sara and Amanda live on the Lake foreshore and use the Lake extensively.   “We thought it would be a beautiful tribute to Pop and give our kids something to remember him by,” Sara explains. 

“He had a house on Eastlake Drive, just opposite our light. Our love of the Lake came through visiting him.   “This project will be great for the community and we’re really looking forward to it.

The kids don’t really understand what the project’s all about yet but when they actually see all those lights and Pop’s name on his plaque, they’re going to be so proud. That will make it real.”

 “The kids ride their bikes to school along the bike track and we go water skiing and kayaking,” Amanda added.

“Even when it’s 40 degrees outside, there are always people walking the Lake. The kids have decided they want to go night riding once the lights are up!

“We love the Lake and we’re more than happy to support anything that improves what we have here.”


Pictured above: noticeboard advising patrons of the Lake detours.

First light pole holes underway.

NewsCristy Houghton