Showground Relocation

The current Showground facilities are aged and located on an under-utilised parcel of land in close proximity to the central business area and medical precinct, 2.3 kms drive from Baylis Street and 600 metres to either the Rural Referral Hospital or Calvary Hospital. The Show Society could benefit from exploring a more suitable, alternative location to realise potential positive outcomes for both the Show Society and the community. 

The Showground is a triangular parcel of land bound by Bourke Street, Urana Street and the Melbourne/Sydney rail line. The land area is 17 ha (56 acres) and currently owned in trust by the Wagga Wagga Show Society. When the land was originally established as the Showgrounds it was located on the outskirts of the central business area, however residential growth and commercial development has since surrounded the site. Notably, land adjacent the Showgrounds owned by the University will soon be sold and is likely to be developed as infill residential housing. Further to this, the development of a new trotting track at North Wagga Wagga will result in the Showground losing a key tenant and further impact the long term viability. 

Key Stakeholders: 

Wagga Wagga Show Society 
Wagga Wagga City Council 
Committee 4 Wagga 
Developers and Businesses 


Consider the feasibility and benefits of relocating the Showgrounds to an alternative location such as the Equex precinct at East Wagga Wagga.