Wagga Wagga to Ladysmith Rail Trail  

The Wagga Rail Trail project proposes to utilise the disused rail corridor between Wagga Wagga and Ladysmith to establish a sealed pathway for recreation uses including walking, running and cycling. 

Rail Trails have been successfully developed at various locations in both Australia and New Zealand, with data collected from established trails indicating the infrastructure has the potential to boost tourism and economic activity. For example, a survey of 8,500 bike riders who rode the Murray to Mountain Trail in north-eastern Victoria over the 2009 Easter period found that on average each cyclist spent $244 a day, compared to the $159 average spend of other travellers in the region. This included $52 a day on accommodation, $123 a day on food and beverages, and $38 a day on miscellaneous expenditure. In addition, the study found that the Rail Trail directly supports up to 11 jobs in the tourism and accommodation sectors. 

The Wagga Rail Trail project is important to the community as it will activate an unutilised community asset into a practical transport route and diversify the experiences offered to visitors. C4Wagga is strongly supportive of developing infrastructure that will encourage and support a healthy lifestyle. This is evidenced by recent initiatives such as the Share The Road campaign, designed to raise awareness and encourage a safer environment for vehicles and cyclists on the city’s road network. 

Key Stakeholders: 

Wagga Rail Trail 
Wagga Wagga City Council 
NSW Government 
Committee 4 Wagga 


Support Wagga Rail Trail to develop a detailed trail design and cost estimate in partnership with stakeholders.