City Image

The city’s appearance and key welcome points are vitally important to leaving a positive lasting impression on visitors to the city and instilling a sense of pride among the community. Currently, visitors entering by road on the Sturt or Olympic Highways are exposed to unappealing visitor information bays that are obsolete and potentially create a negative impression through lack of maintenance, litter and the provision of out-of-date information. Further to this, the three key Welcome to Wagga Wagga sites do not portray the image of a modern, progressive city and would benefit from renewal. 

The Wagga Wagga Airport is the first impression for a significant portion of the 200,000+ people travelling by air each year and users are in most instances required to travel via Elizabeth Avenue in Forest Hill. The road is currently unappealing and would benefit from improvements to the streetscape to create a positive and lasting impression. 

Improvements to the city’s image and impression on visitors could include installation of a large, iconic and memorable sign that leverages of the marketable Wagga Wagga brand. The sign could be installed at a prominent, accessible location such as Bolton Park or atop Willans Hill to encourage interaction with visitors as a tourist attraction and city marketing tool. 

Key Stakeholders: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 

Committee 4 Wagga


Upgrade and renew the city’s key welcome points to enhance the perception of visitors and boost the sense of pride amongst residents.