Wagga Wagga Active Travel Plan

Update at July 2019

Wagga Wagga City Council is undertaking the final phase of community consultation with stakeholders and the broader community to finalise the network of cycle ways linking the outer suburbs with the CBD.

The issue of use of the rail corridor (part of the separate Wagga Rail Trail project) between the CBD and Forest Hill has also been incorporated into determining the Forest Hill (Eastern) Link of this project. This Eastern Link remains a matter for negotiation between Wagga Rail Trail, Wagga Wagga City Council, effected landowners and the NSW Government.

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The project budget is $12.8M. Wagga Wagga City Council accepted $11.35M from the NSW State Government to deliver the design and implementation phases. This will be matched by $1.45M from Council.


The city’s commuter cycling network is currently underutilised and fragmented, requiring investment to complete dedicated connections between the outer suburbs and the central business area. 

Wagga Wagga City Council in partnership with Transport for NSW have developed the Active Travel Plan to significantly improve the network and establish 5 designated routes totalling 43km of cycleway. The network will offer excellent connectivity and encourage more people to use active and healthy forms of transport to commute across the city. Implementation of the plan will result in reduced traffic congestion, improved health and wellbeing and positive environmental outcomes. 

Key Stakeholders: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 
NSW Government 
Committee 4 Wagga 


Support the Active Travel Plan and encourage Council to continue working with Transport for NSW to secure partnership funding for full implementation of the Plan.