City Planning and Development  

Wagga Wagga City Council proposes to undertake comprehensive reviews and updates of the city’s key planning documents, including the Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan. It is highly important the reviews of these documents consider the economic benefit of developing flexible, pro-development guidelines that will encourage development activity within the city rather than constrain it. It is critical the process of renewing the documents consists of regular and collaborative consultation with key industry stakeholders to ensure buy-in and support at a local level. 

The importance of a strong, clear plan is evidenced by a comprehensive survey undertaken by C4Wagga’s 65 members in 2017, indicating the LEP is one of the most important community documents. 

It is expected a planning proposal to amend the current LEP will be initiated in mid-2017 and legislated in mid-2018 following the necessary passage through the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Gateway Process. In addition, the current LEP will be initiated in 2017 followed by a comprehensive review and renewal in 2018 to ensure the document aligns with the current trends and requirements of development in and around the city. 

Key Stakeholders: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 
Committee 4 Wagga 
Industry groups (HIA – Wagga Wagga) 
Wagga Wagga Business Chamber 
Women in Business 


Encourage Wagga Wagga City Council to regularly engage with C4Wagga and key stakeholders at relevant stages of the Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan review process.