Bomen Industrial Park/RiFL - Special Activation Precinct

April saw the announcement by the NSW Government that the Bomen Industrial Park has been designated as a Special Activation Precinct (SAP) – one of only two in the State.  The impact of this designation is significant for the ability of the City to attract new business to and facilitate expansion of existing businesses in the Industrial Park.  A Special Activation Precinct is a dedicated area in a regional location identified by the NSW Government to become a thriving business hub. SAPs are funded by the $4.2 billion Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund. The five elements support a SAP are:-

1.    Fast Track planning

2.    Tailored infrastructure investment

3.    Government led studies to identify the types of governance and private investment needed

4.    Government led development

5.    Business concierge


I would encourage members to follow the links below to the NSW Government website for further information on the significance for our future, as the Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct is set to be a world class business precinct which will capitalise on the inland rail, and focus on advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, and freight and logistics:-


Committee 4 Wagga congratulates Wagga Wagga City Council’s Economic Development team and the NSW Department of Industry for facilitating the initial Wagga To The World business seminar held on 1st May 2019.  This event was attended by a range of current & prospective businesses whose operations would both benefit from and drive growth in the Bomen Industrial Park.  Committee 4 Wagga will continue to work with Council, State Government and Industry in growing the momentum of interest within industry to invest in the SAP as construction and commissioning of the rail siding, intermodal terminal and industrial estate occurs in the near future.

Michelle Ford