Strategic Plan projects: Quarterly progress update

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Here is our quarterly progress update on some of the projects laid out in our Strategic Plan: 

1. Levee Bank Flood Protection – Stage 1 is nearing completion and Stage 2 is about to commence construction. The project remains on target for completion in 2020.

2. Key Road Network upgrades – following C4Wagga’s advocacy on the lack of urgency & transparency on addressing the shortcomings of our key road infrastructure within the City and input into the final Transport NSW Future Transport Strategy 2056, we have been invited to meet with Transport NSW, the RMS and WWCC on the 28th November to put our views on the requirements & planning of road infrastructure projects for the Wagga Wagga area. Transport NSW will be represented by Claire Gardiner-Barnes, Deputy Secretary Freight, Strategy & Planning.

3. RiFL – Funding for the construction of the rail siding and the freight terminal have been announced following Visy being announced as the WWCC partner to operate the freight terminal.

4. Bomen Industrial Precinct (Stage 3 of RiFL) – we currently await the outcome of the funding submission by WWCC to the State Government to enable the construction of what will be a truly significant project for Wagga Wagga and regional NSW.

5. Riverside Precinct Stage 2 – WWCC have announced the commencement of Stage 2 of the precinct, completion of which will transform the area currently occupied by the caravan park and the old St Michaels oval.

6. Pomingalarna Reserve Multisport Cycling Complex – Congratulations to the cycling community following the announcement during September for the funding of an international standard cycling complex.

7. Smart Cities – There exists a huge opportunity to embrace Smart City Technologies in a range of fields throughout the city to improve the connectivity, liveability and efficiency of community services. During my recent visit to Adelaide for the bi-annual Committee for Cities & Regions network meeting, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Adelaide City to discuss how they successfully adopted technologies throughout the CBD and adjoining precincts, including providing a 10 Gig internet connectivity. We will continue to encourage WWCC to embrace these opportunities as a matter of priority.

8. City Planning & Development – Land availability for residential development – We are encouraged by the renewed commitment of the WWCC and the local development industry stakeholders to address the issues surrounding the availability of land to meet demand for residential development and the allocation of funds from Section 94 contributions. There has been much work done by representatives of both parties to clarify points of difference. Increasing collaboration and transparency can only but help resolve this issue, however there needs to be resolution in the near future in order to ensure sufficient land supply and improved planning processes are in place to meet demand.

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