Member snapshot – Samantha Brunskill

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Samantha Brunskill comes from a long line of pioneers who sought to deliver better ways of doing things.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Samantha’s vision for her family’s housing development, Brunslea Park, is to create  Australia’s first ‘urban village’. Samantha wants to see the return of the neighbourhoods of an earlier, simpler time when people felt connected and had a strong sense of belonging.

“I want to shine a light on how we can work together to build communities that allow people to become the best versions of themselves. For me, that all starts with the home and feeling like you’re part of a connected community.”

Brunslea Park’s regular settlement parties for new residents, common spaces designed to be shared by neighbours and the facility for residents to have a direct say in future planning decisions are just some of Sam’s initiatives designed to help people feel a greater sense of wellbeing and connectedness. 

“At Brunslea Park, we talk a lot about vision, collaboration and authenticity. We have a big audacious plan for Brunslea which is already starting to take hold. Far from being the ‘forgotten suburb’ of days gone by, Forest Hill has a positive energy and people are clearly proud of their neighbourhood.

“When people truly belong, there are positive outcomes for individuals, families, workplaces and the community as a whole.

“It’s an exciting venture for us and I think there’s no better testing ground than Wagga to trial new ways of doing things.”

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