Bomen Solar Farm

Committee 4 Wagga had the opportunity early in August to meet with the Bomen Solar Farm Owners and Operators to be further briefed on the details of the Solar Farm and also to view the site.


Building of the Solar Farm will commence construction in the next month and the workforce is currently being established.  The Solar Farm is owned by Sparkinfrastructure and is being constructed by Beon Energy Solutions with commercial operations due to commence in Qtr2 2020.


“CitiPower and Powercor have established Beon Energy Solutions, a re-branding of previous Energy Solutions that provides energy solutions for utility, commercial and residential customers.  In the 10 months since it launched as CitiPower and Powercor Energy Solutions in January 2016, Beon has grown rapidly and achieved commercial success by focusing on facilitating customer choice in an open and competitive market.” (Utility magazine, Dec 2016).  The General Manager is Glen Thomson.


Bomen Solar Farm is located at the Eastern most end of Trahairs Road, Bomen. (Off Byrnes Road).


Committee 4 Wagga was represented by Chair Mick Quirk, CEO Alan Johnston, Board Member Colin Duff, Richard Pottie from Ladex Constructions and Daniel Pezet from Great Sothern Electrical.


Committee 4 Wagga would like to thank the senior management of Sparkinfrastructure and Beon Energy Solutions for the opportunity to engage and better understand not only the infrastructure investment but also the commitment of the Bomen Solar Farm to have an ongoing community engagement.  We look forward to continued engagement with the Bomen Solar Farm.


Further information on the Bomen Solar Farm can be found at the following link:


Michelle Ford