WWCC list of Priority Projects

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The June 25th meeting of the WWCC saw the receipt and noting of a report on the list of high level priority projects identified as requiring assistance from the State Government. The list excludes a number of potential road related projects as they are currently either under review or are fully funded. We will continue to advocate for these projects, as well as those under review or fully funded to be initiated and funding secured in the coming twelve months. 

Of particular note are those high priority projects which are aligned to C4W’s strategic plan as follows:-

Bomen – Services and Subdivision - Major services infrastructure upgrades and subdivision works that will further improve the capability and capacity of the Bomen Enterprise Area to cater for existing and new industry. - Growing Local Economies - $21.8M

Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics Hub (RiFL) – Rail Master Siding - Construction of 5.8km of rail master siding for the intermodal facility. - Fixing Country Rail - $14.4M

Wagga Wagga Regional Airport – Terminal Expansion - Expand, reconfigure and refurbish the existing terminal to allow for future growth in passenger numbers as well as potential changes to security requirements. - Growing Local Economies - $6.5M

Bolton Park Precinct (Regional Sports Hub) – Stage 1Projects identified from the Bolton Park Masterplan will include assets such as Robertson Oval, Bolton Park Stadium and the Oasis Aquatic Facility, Jim Elphick Tennis Centre, allied health and retail precinct.Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund$20-40M

Pomingalarna Multisport Cycling Complex - Development of a multi-sport complex that will cater for a wide variety of regional, state and national cycling events while also provide an event venue for a number of other sporting and recreation pursuits. - Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund - $6.2M

Jubliee Park Athletics Complex - The redevelopment of the complex would include a synthetic track that would allow year round use and the ability for Wagga Wagga to host regional and state based events. - Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund - $4.1M

Premier Sporting Venue Lighting Upgrades - Lighting upgrades for McDonalds Park and Robertson Oval to cater for night time televised broadcasting - Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund - $2.7M

Rawlings Park North – Synthetic Pitch and RoomsThe Soccer Development Strategy (May 2012) recommended that Rawlings Park be developed as the home of soccer in the Wagga Wagga LGA and the host for major regional events.  - Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund - $2.6M

Gregadoo Waste Management Centre (GWMC) – Resource Recovery InfrastructureAdditional facilities include a transfer station for small vehicles, a new commercial and industrial drop-off area, a new community recycling centre for problem wastes, a tip shop for reusable household items and a site for the collection of Return and Earn scheme containers. - Major Resource Recovery Infrastructure Grants Program - $4.6M

Glenfield Road Drain - This drain provides an outlet for one of Council’s most critical catchments and is in a serious state of disrepair with major erosion issues. - Direct Funding Request. - $10.9M

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