Member snapshot – Glenn Sewell from HIA

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Land supply is a hot topic in Wagga.

New builds play a large role in accommodating the city’s growing population and continuous supply of land is a vital component in meeting housing demand.

As Glenn Sewell, HIA Wagga Branch chair explains, if land releases in Wagga could no longer meet growing demand, land prices would soar.

“If there is no choice to build new, our existing housing stock would increase in price as pressures of a growing city drive up property prices. This puts into jeopardy Wagga’s housing affordability.

“It can be a four year process for land to be rezoned and be shovel-ready, so it’s vital we know what’s on the horizon in terms of land supply now and in the future.”

Identifying the need for a document that captures land activity, the HIA Wagga Branch developed the Land Monitor Report. The report presents statistical information relating to historical take-up rates, current production and consumption and also future residential, rural residential, commercial and industrial land supply.

“This document is our telescope to the horizon and beyond,” Glenn said.

“Other city councils produce similar reports but without one here in Wagga, we decided to produce such a report that would collate and present a suburb-by-suburb breakdown of current and planned activity.


“Our members are passionate about Wagga Wagga and want to see the city advance. We live and work here and are proud of the report as it benefits not only the housing industry but the community as a whole.

“If we’re serious about achieving a population of 80,000 plus, we need a strong vision for the future, a robust strategic plan and a future-proof environmental planning instrument to support it. We need stability at a local level, armed with the confidence and ability to make visionary planning decisions. We know the Land Monitor Report can help provide some of the information needed to achieve that. 

Click here to access HIA’s Land Monitor Report.

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