Survey of Members

Committee 4 Wagga recently undertook a comprehensive survey of it’s members to understand the sentiment towards Wagga’s economy, future investment, high priority projects, and the performance of both C4W and Wagga Wagga City Council. C4W represents 65 member organisations employing over 4,500 people in Wagga Wagga and the surrounding region.

The outcomes of the survey will be used to inform the projects and priorities outlined in the updated C4W Strategic Plan, scheduled for release mid-year. In addition, the survey sought feedback from members towards C4W’s achievements and vision, as well as the performance of Wagga Wagga City Council across a number of key indicators. A similar survey was also circulated to stakeholders of C4W during the same time period and produced similar results.

A document highlighting the key results from the survey can be viewed and downloaded here

NewsCristy Houghton