Submission to the Integrated Transport Strategy

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Committee 4 Wagga recently made a submission to Wagga Wagga City Council regarding the Integrated Transport Strategy. C4W have participated in consultation and provided both written and verbal feedback to the process at various intervals and the most recent submission responds to the strategies and projects identified within the Peer Review and Summary of Findings Report published on Council’s behalf by MRCagney on February 20, 2017.

The submission to Council was informed by the C4W Strategic Plan and a recent survey of members. Survey respondents rated the Integrated Transport Strategy as the most important city document and identified the provision of infrastructure to match and facilitate growth as the city’s biggest challenge. 

The submission focuses on the need to progress key infrastructure projects in conjunction with strategies such as changes to land zoning and planning policy. The key projects and initiatives highlighted within the submission and supported by C4W include: 

  • Upgrade the Glenfield Road corridor immediately, including the Dobney Avenue/Pearson Street roundabout.

  • Begin planning for duplication of the Gobbagombalin Bridge and work with the NSW Government to identify funding sources.

  • Begin planning for a southern alternative route of the Sturt Highway and preserve the preferred road corridor.

  • Implement the Active Travel Plan consisting of five complete cycling networks linking the outer suburbs with the central business area.

You can view and download the full C4W submission here.

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