Elodie Vanoudendycke brains behind Wagga’s Lights4Lake project

March 2, 2016, Daily Advertiser:

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ELODIE Vanoudendycke is a shining beacon on what Wagga’s younger residents can achieve.

Ms Vanoudendycke only spent three short years in Wagga, but she will leave a lasting legacy on the city when she initiated the Lights4Lake plan as part of Committee4Wagga’s (C4W) emerging leaders program.

The 28-year-old said she used to run a lot in Wagga. “You don’t feel very safe,” she said. “When I joined the emerging leaders program I felt lighting up the lake would be a good project.” She landed her dream job – a hostess for Emirates – in 2013, but was determined to see the project she started come to fruition.

C4W chief Chris Fitzpatrick said the program allowed younger members of our community to put forward ideas.

Story courtesy of The Daily Advertiser

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