Master Transport & Alternate Route Plan for Wagga Wagga

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In an announcement last week, the Committee 4 Wagga has received a commitment by the NSW State Government to fund a $100,000 planning study for a Master Transport and Alternate Route Plan for the City of Wagga Wagga, through local member for Wagga Wagga, Daryl Maguire.The funding will come from the NSW Roads and Maritime budget.

Judy Galloway (Chair of Committee 4 Wagga) welcomed the announcement and the funding of $100,000 to the planning phase. Galloway said, “the future of the city relies on a vibrant community that will attract population growth. Vision and planning are necessary ingredients to attract that growth, which in turn, will provide sustainable economic outcomes. Much of the planning needed revolves around a Master Transport Plan for the city and in particular alternate heavy vehicle routes.”

Chris Fitzpatrick (CEO of Committee 4 Wagga) said, “road and transport planning is required immediately to cater for our growing northern suburbs, to alleviate traffic congestion particularly on Edward Street, the Gobba Bridge and Glenfield Road and to be “road ready” for the eventual introduction of B-Triple trucks on the Sturt Highway.”

Committee 4 Wagga commissioned GHD to prepare conceptual plans for three proposed Alternate Route options for the City of Wagga Wagga which has been released at a Members, Stakeholders and media function this morning. 

Committee 4 Wagga, through a recent forum, tabled a discussion paper to influence the decision making process and obtain an undertaking from the NSW Government to commit to funding the planning process.

The plans launched include three options referred to as, The Southern Orbital, The Bomen Orbital and The Eunony Bridge Route. 

There was positive and interesting feedback on the options, and in principle, support to pursue 2 of the 3 options proposed. 

The Committee 4 Wagga is pleased with the outcomes of the forum and the commitment to fund the planning process.

Chris Fitzpatrick – CEO Committee 4 Wagga
0412 574 401

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