Riverina Motor Complex

The proposed Riverina Motor Complex is a major outdoor recreation facility incorporating a motor sports complex and an advanced driver training centre. The facility will offer the most technologically advanced circuit design and use environmentally sustainable operation/management practices. The project was approved for development in 2015 however the project is unlikely to proceed as the conditions placed on the approval are cost prohibitive. In addition, the approval does not allow for the introduction of driver training facilities, one of the proposals most beneficial components. 

Motor Cycling Australia, CAMS and the NRMA have endorsed the project and are excited at the prospect of a new regional facility to complement the existing established circuits currently experiencing high levels of support and patronage.  

Key Stakeholders: 

Wagga Wagga City Council 
NSW Government 
Private sector 
Committee 4 Wagga 


Encourage Council to provide planning and regulatory support where possible and explore partnership funding opportunities between government and proponents to ensure the project can be developed.