Mentoring 4 Growth  

C4W has recently launched the 2019 Mentoring 4 Growth program for Wagga’s Young Professionals.

The eight nominated mentees were paired with some of Wagga’s more experienced leaders prior to the official launch of the program on May 15, 2019. This year we decided to run a workshop in conjunction with the program launch, the focus being on ‘developing a productive mentoring relationship’.

It is important right from the first meeting to set the ground rules, discuss the expectations and the boundaries.  The partnership between mentor and mentee needs to be managed thoughtfully to deliver the best results.

The Mentoring 4 Growth program concludes on November 20, 2019. Between the initial workshop and the program end date, mentees and mentors arrange to meet with each to discuss and share significant transitions in knowledge, work and thinking. has recently launched a mentoring program for Wagga’s Young Professionals.